Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
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by Elisabetta Panchetti



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In the countryside of Pisa, after few minutes by car from Pontedera, in an old restored colony, you will find a breeding attended by a cynophilist full of love: Riccardo.

At "Viola delle Lame" breeding has been given the notice only since 1990, but the owner had been dealing with the Bolognese dogs already for 10 years.

The air that you can breathe in this green part of Tuscany is that of grass, flowers and well-kept greenhouses, interspersed by the scent of freshly-given shampoos.

The noise of hair-dryers and a large number of combs, brushes, small bottles and curlers (or better, "blocks", speaking about dogs), bring us above all in a frivolous atmosphere of a beauty parlour, at least just for the many photos of champion-dogs, the certificates and the recognition of the dog world hung on the walls.

"This is Claudia Shiffer of our breeding - explains Florio Romano Fedi, the invaluable factotum of Viola delle Lame, presenting the wonderful Lisandra - she is the 1996 world champion-dog, a fully deserved first prize, gained in July in Vienna.The care of the coat is fundamental to achieve successful outcomes during the exhibitions.

This demands a great deal of work and an endless passion, throughout the year".My aim is to maintain the peculiar features of the breed, form beautiful dogs in observance of the standard and above all, rear them well and in a healthy and cleaned environment.To achieve this aim, in my breeding, are born not more than 20-30 examples per year, despite the demands are increasing every year and they comes even from abroad (America, Japan, Hungary, Holland).

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