Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
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General features

The standard of a breed is a sum of norms (such as the genealogical tree, the size and some other physical and psychological features) that outline the level of purity of an example.The standard is established world-wide by F.C.I. (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and it is used as reference in dog exhibitions and by several national dog associations to validate the quality of a breeding.

The standard of the Bolognese

Country of origin: Italy

Group: Companion dog

Classification F.C.I.: Group IX - Companion dogs - Bichons and related - n. 196

General features: small-sized dog, with a stocky and thick body, coated by a pure fluffy long hair, every mucosa and sclera must be black.

Important proportions: the dog being of a square construction, the height of the withers is equal to that of the length of the body. Its head is rather short compared to the body. 

Behaviour and temperament: very serious, seemingly, not much lively. Creative, docile, devoted to its companions till the self-abnegation.


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