Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
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The coat of the Bolognese demands a regular grooming: it should be combed daily to avoid frizzing and the loss of its characteristic tufts.

It has a long coat, with tufts and its hair does not stick to the parts underneath. Thus, they appear as raised and they cover every side of its head, trunk and limbs (shorter on the nasal septum).

Its ears are long, with tufts. The standard demands they are detached from the skull to give a sense of lightness and charm, especially during its gait, when its ears should become lively as to flutter.

During competitions the lack of symmetry, a hair not thick, not long or without tufts, the colour of the coat (not pure white coat or with markings) can bring disqualification.


The colour of the coat is pure white or better ivory white, with neither markings nor shadings. Nevertheless it should be said that when it is a puppy, the Bolognese can have some chestnut-coloured shadings. they do not reveal a poor quality of selection, but rather they can be linked with a good and necessary pigmental store to characterize the pure white during the growth and so, to enhance its quality.

A reliable method to identify the nature of the markings is to thin out the coat and look at the base: if the base is marked too, it is very likely to be a permanent marking; otherwise, if the marking only involves the tips, then, undoubtedly, we are dealing with the above-mentioned event.

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