Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
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Bolognese dog sale

Now, it is obvious that my purpose is to respect completely the genealogical tree of my dogs and the standard, maybe strengthening some features.

This work, as a quite demanding selector, brings me evidently "not to breed dog for trading" but to supervise and plan thoroughly the breeding, so to obtain 20-30 puppies at the most per year, puppies I inevitably grow fond of them.

For these reasons I hand a puppy to those who can guarantee the dog the necessary care.

To get one, it has to be booked, then you will have to wait for the litter and a few weeks more.

I suggest who is interested to visit the breeding or to keep in touch with me by phone to this number: 050 643296 and ask for Riccardo, or by e-mail in the Contact us section.


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