Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
Allevamento di Cani Bolognese "Viola delle Lame"
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Bolognese dogs and puppies

Il Bolognese

In the vast section given to the Bolognese, you will find the history, features, standard, habits and whatever about of this wonderful breed, in order to appreciate all its qualities.


In the countryside of Pisa, in a green, neat and trim area, we breed Bolognese puppies with devotion:

an ancient breed of a dog that, if selected according to the Standard, owns a cheerful and lively character, with the likeness and temperament of an eternal puppy.

This is our real mission as selectors.

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Visit this section to know our breeding pedigree...  [enter]

"Viola delle Lame" has bred champions of international fame, thanks to our efforts to maintain the peculiarity of the breed and try to obtain dogs more and more beautiful and healthy. Have a look at their titles ... [enter]

This work, as a quite demanding selector, brings me evidently "not to breed dog for trading" but to supervise and plan thoroughly the breeding, so to obtain 20-30 puppies at the most per year, puppies I inevitably grow fond of them. Visit this sectin to learn more... [enter]

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